Maxaloones and Dress Fit

Squishiloones (0-3 months), miniloones (3-12 months), maxaloones (9 months to 3T), and monsterloones (2-6 years). The grow-with-me adjustable baby to toddler pant.  Roll the cuffs down for smaller sizes and unroll for larger sizes. With a little extra room, they are perfect over cloth diapers while cute on all babies and toddlers. Pants made by Violets and More, LLC - Sewing Corner are currently available in stretch cotton, cotton with stretch cotton, and double brushed polyester. Styles are made with and without bum circles. 

Photograph fit examples for Maxaloones size 9mo-3T are shown below. 

 Maxaloones 5 months Maxaloones 15 months Maxaloones 18 months Maxaloones 20 monthsMaxaloones 20 month Maxaloones 4 years

We'd love if you would purchase finished maxaloones from us, but maybe you have some sewing skills or your budget is really tight. We get it! Our Maxaloones pattern is from Max and Meena patterns.  


Maxaloones and Peasant Dresses